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Inside the Craft Studio: Repurposed Entertainment Center

When you combine two households worth of stuff, sometimes there are those pieces that you just don’t want to get rid of. Even worse is when the piece isn’t actually useful anymore. This entertainment center of Mark’s was a great piece of wood, but doesn’t serve much purpose anymore once flatscreen TVs become the norm.

So, into the craft room it went.

The entertainment center just after it was moved into the craft room. Household tools are on the left, craft tools and finished inventory boxes on the right.
When I decided to redo the craft room, the first thing I decided to do was paint the entertainment center. I added a curtain on the front to hide the usual mess and less attractive boxes, and added smaller boxes for better organization of the household tools and DIY supplies. I love the result.

Boxes and bags on the top hold my current works in progress. The curtain is a shower curtain from Target.


It's great to have somewhere in the room where I can hide the mess. Organization is always an effort with the sheer amount of stuff that I accumulate in my craft room.


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