Inside the Craft Studio

Inside the Craft Studio: Happiness in Purple

Those of you who once upon a time read my old Livejournal craft journal may remember this photo of my craft room:

View from my door of the main desk, 2010

In October of 2009, Mark and I were lucky enough to buy the house we were renting. Several months later, I had a realization – I owned this room! It was my room! That meant I could change things to make me happy. And that meant… PURPLE!

My main work table - now purple, with pink girly accesories!

I love this room. When I made it mine, I painted the work table and the old wood shutters purple. The quote above is a vinyl decal made by Etsy artist Michelle Christina.

Close Up of the Desk - Before


Close Up of the Desk - After

I painted the top of the cart next to my table purple as well, and have now set it up as my shipping station. The drawers are full of my boxes, envelopes, and tap, and the top has my postage scales.
Coming soon will be more photos from around my craft room, some with more great before and after shots. I hope you’ll understand why I love working in this room this much.
But before that, I’ll be taking a couple of days off from blogging as I head to Ohio for a LARP event. And I’ll be back with photos and another event report!

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