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Valkyrie’s Chainmaille Dress Progress Report #2

It’s moving along nicely! The advice that I received helped me work a little faster. The brass section is complete and I started on the front neckline. Then, to make sure everything was working correctly, I pinned it on to my adjustable dress dummy. It’s a little harder to work with it attached to there, but easier to see where I’m at and correct spacing problems as I go.

First off, let's just say it really helps to have an adjustable dress dummy for this. The bra cups have been pinned in place as they will be part of the complete construction later. I needed to make sure the neck line was drapping right. Once the dress is done, a black stretchy lining and the bra cups will be sewn in so this can be modestly and comfortably worn.


I've started connecting together the seperate pieces that I had made, and it looks like from now on I'll be building it right on to the dress dummy.


The part that forms the strap goes all the way to the lower back and then joins together side by side. This will be a very open backed dress when it's done, with corset style lacing for some adjustable fit.


78 Days until the event I plan to wear this at. Think I can make it?


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