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New Project – “Private” Sign

Sorry about the delay between posts, but it’s been a little busy. One thing I’ve been busy with is Mark’s mom visited and I kind of got on this cleaning spree. Since I’m a packrat and a procrastinator, I’ve got to make use of these cleaning desires when they happen. The room that got the bulk of my attention was my craft room.

When we have company over – or a house full of gamers – one of the few rooms that is off limits is my craft room. (The other two are our bedroom and Mark’s office.) On gaming days I put up a sign for newcomers. Well, I decided I wanted a more permanent sign. To go with our old-fashioned touch of steampunk in our basement, I went for a silent movie inspired sign.

I used a piece of acid free backing board (left over from my digital printmaking days) and painted it back with acrylic paint. It took a couple of coats for a nice even black (and to fix some problems my own impatience caused).


I used a photo found online of a "The End" frame as visual inspiration and did the design freehand with white paint markers. The thin white border really gave it that film frame look. Unfortunatly I didn't measure perfectly so one side is further in than the other. Oops!


A peek past my new sign into the (now clean! er, mostly) craft room.

More craft room glimpses coming soon!

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