Craft Room / DIY

Repurposing Kitchen Storage For the Craft Room

Mark and I are both overbuyers and packrats. To help our home not be completely overwhelmed with stuff, we’ve been good lately about one particular question when faced with objects that have no ‘home’: do I need it?

When it came to this spice rack, the answer was definitely no. We had just received two new ones for our wedding, and the spices were definitely past their prime. But when taking things to Goodwill (see, I donate and buy!) I just couldn’t send it away. I saw a new purpose – bead organization!

Here it is, the old spice rack

Between the beads I buy and the beads and broken jewelry people give me, I can always use more bead organization. I have boxes of beads I have not sorted. It’s crazy. But first, this spice rack needed a major cleaning.

To get all the lables off and to remove the last of the herbs, the bottles got a long soaking in hot, soapy water.


Just a little Goo Gone and the last of the lables is gone. Gotta love Goo Gone!


Pink! Painted with surplus interior house paint purchased at the Habitat for Humaity ReStore.

And there we are: painted to match my girly craft room. (At some point, I promise a photo tour of its pink and purple glory.) Unfortunately after the bottles were closed a couple of days some of te ones that held more pungent herbs started to smell like the herbs again. Hopefully that will fade in time. Or I’ll have beads that smell like pizza. We’ll see!


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