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Geeky Shopping Report: It’s not old, it’s retro!

Hey, look, it’s my silly geeky purchases for the week!
First of all, I love Goodwill.
And I totally shouldn’t go in there when I don’t have something specific to buy. But hey, at least this only cost five dollars total.
Yesterday’s finds: A werewolf statue from Target’s Halloween stuff (which I generally love anyway) and a cool little Mayan style chess set. The pieces fit in the box that makes the game board. 

Werewolf Statue and Mayan Chess

This, on the other hand, cost more that $5. This awesome retro style model kit of the 196os Batmobile. I found it at a local hobby shop. Particularly cool, it is a reprint from the old model molds. I used to assemble plastic models when I was a kid and home from school sick. I’ve been wanting to make another since I learned how to model paint. This looks to be the perfect one to work with.

Retro Batmobile Kit by Polar Lights


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