Costuming / Valkyrie's Chainmaille Dress

Valkyrie’s Chainmaille Dress: Progress Report #1

Well, the dress has just begun, and certainly doesn’t look like a dress yet, but progress is being made. definitely getting the hang of this 4 in 1 weave. Much better than my last chainmaille attempt.

Here’s a section of the brass strap, nicely started

My first trial square of 4-in-1 weave.

Questions I’ve been asked:

What size rings are you using? They are 14 gauge 3/8 inch diameter rings.
Won’t that be heavy? Ah, the joy of aluminum. While it will certainly be heavier than a normal dress, at 13 lbs of rings it won’t be too bad. Well, assuming I don’t need to order a whole bunch more rings before I’m done.

Progress: Fabric portions for ‘shirt’ purchased, including adhesive bra cups for modesty without having to figure out how to wear a bra underneath.
Most of the brass rings for the straps and back completed.

To Do: Thank yu friends and acquaintances for your advice! Must follow through on advice from Beltane event to open and close a bunch of rings so the weaving will go faster. Or at least it will feel like it.


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