Costuming / Valkyrie's Chainmaille Dress

Valkyrie’s Chainmaille Dress: Inspiration

Chainmaille Dress Sketch: Front

This year Mark and I decided to participate in more event games around the country with our vampire characters. One of the events we are going to is Grand Masquerade in New Orleans in September. We are both soooo excited: it will be my first time in New Orleans (aside from the airport), and it’s a special event for the 20th anniversary of Vampire the Masquerade.

A special event needs a special costume!

Taking inspiration from my character’s name, I decided to make a chainmaille shirt. Besides, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at chainmaille.

So, I ordered a chainmaille shirt kit. Then, a twist – my kit came in great, but I was having trouble downloading my directions. Oh no! So there I was, itching to start working, and I didn’t have instructions.

Then, additional inspiration struck: why not make a chainmaille dress instead?

Chainmaille Dress Sketch: Back

So, I’ve learned the basic 4 in 1 weave, and came up with what I hope is a pretty basic halter style dress design. It has a low back, partially so it uses less rings and partially to make it easier to get on. For comfort and modesty, it will have a built-in bra and half shirt and be worn with a skirt.

The straps will be brass for structure and the rest of the dress will be aluminum. Most of the dress will be bright silver and it will be detailed with red along the neck line  and the asymmetrical hemline. The back will have corset style lacing.

Ambitious, sure. But I think it will be awesome!

(And yes, those are crayon sketches on a paper tablecloth. Inpiration can strike anywhere!)

Progress: Designed, supplies purchased

Deadline: September 15th. Wish me luck!


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