About Me

About Me – Fact #1: Yup, I’m a Gamer

It’s time – starting a new blog, finding focus, finding topics. As this is my first post of the new blog, I felt it only appropriate that I open up and let you know ‘me’ a little bit.

So, yeah. I’m a gamer.Orange Dice Pendant

Okay, that was pretty obvious. My love is role playing games. Paper, pencil, and dice. Old school.

My first games were Dungeons & Dragons knock-offs in middle school. A group of us would get together after school, take over one of the rooms of the after school camp, roll up random characters and fight poorly drawn monsters. There wasn’t really a story. There were barely characters. But it was fun.

Then ballet took over my free time, and then high school. When college came around, I discovered I no longer really liked being the only girl playing. I still had some idea of what was going on in the gaming world from my friends back home, but aside from the Star Wars collectible card game I wasn’t playing much. (Well, there was that one Mage game I ran once for my brother…)

And then came my semi-adult life, and my then-boyfriend (now fiance) heard about an old World of Darkness Technocracy LARP going on at a local college. I think I surprised him a bit by being excited at the concept. And though that game is now long over, I look back on it and the character I portrayed fondly.

Now, my weekends are scheduled around craft shows and games. We’re back to old school Dungeons & Dragons, killing monsters… though there’s a bit more character and plot then there was when I was twelve. Twice a month, a crowd comes over to our house and pretends to be vampires. We meet at Starbucks and play in the world of Dresden Files. I love our games, and I love my characters.

I am very happy to be a girly gamer.


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